SCRIPT Facilitator Training


What is SCRIPT?

The Strategic CSforALL Resource and Implementation Planning Tool (“SCRIPT”) is a framework used to guide the creation of customized implementation plans to meet the goals and needs of school districts that are seeking to create computer science education (“CSed”) plans, guided by CSforALL values of rigor, inclusion, and sustainability.

What is a SCRIPT Workshop?

Sustainable CSed plans for ALL require a long-term commitment and an informed, strategic approach from the local education system — school districts, local education agencies, and regional service centers — as well as the support of the local community. This shifts the ownership of the success of the CS education initiative from individual stakeholders to the systems level.

During the SCRIPT Workshop, District Teams formed by multiple agents of change in the education system collaborate on self-assessment and goal-setting, to evaluate what needs, strengths and challenges their district faces to develop a long-term CSed plan. District teams will also set 3-month, 6-month and 12-month/long term goals. SCRIPT workshops are led by the CSforALL team or by a SCRIPT Facilitator trained by CSforALL.c

What is a SCRIPT Facilitator Workshop?

CSforALL’s Facilitator Workshops allow Facilitator trainees the opportunity to learn from the CSforALL team on how to facilitate SCRIPT Workshops and leverage the SCRIPT framework to work with school districts in their region. Through this training, you become a part of the CSforALL Facilitator Network and are officially certified to hold SCRIPT workshops to guide district teams in building their computer science education plans.

COEs registering interest: Los Angeles, Sacramento, Tulare, Sacramento, Mendocino, Santa Cruz, San Diego, Riverside, Monterey, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Alameda, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Orange, San Mateo